flavour guide.

Our price guides are based on our ‘basic” cake flavours and include traditional or swiss meringe buttercream filling and finish. The addition of optional fillings or ganache may incur a surcharge. Gourmet flavours are from $30.00 + to allow for additional time and ingredients required.

Gold Coast Wedding Cakes | Hello Little Crumb


Devil’s Food Chocolate Cake

For sure my best seller! This chocolate cake is anything but basic. This is an intense and moist dark chocolate cake, not over sweet its decadent and can happily pair with a variety of different fillings / cake flavours.

Vanilla Buttercake

Does exactly as it says it will do. A butter rich, vanilla bean cake with a lovely delicate crumb. I love to team it with a zesty curd filling or berry coulis. 

Lemon Cake

Incredibly light and fragrant this is the cake for the tastebuds. Pair it with silky swiss meringue buttercream or add lemon curd filling if you are a bit *extra like that.

Coconut and Kaffir lime cake

A very textural and fragrant cake packed with coconut and spiked with kaffir lime leaves. I love this one with a coconut curd added filling or white chocolate swiss meringue buttercream. Alternatively try it just as a lovely coconut cake!


Peaches and Cream 

A light and creamy white chocolate cake filled with peaches and spiked with peach liquor layered with a fluffy Lindt white chocolate cheesecake filling its a fruity sensory delight.

French earl grey and pear 

The cake you didn’t know you needed till you tried it. Seriously.

This cake has a lovely light genoise crumb heavily infused with the beautiful floral and orange zest notes of good quality French early grey tea with the gentle sweetness of brown butter poached pears throughout. This cake doesn’t need much more. I like to pair with a beautiful lemon scented Swiss meringue buttercream. 

Spiced ginger and caramel cake

Look I know we are not supposed to have a favourite baby…. But if I did it would be this guy! This sweet and spicy sensation features hints of cinnamon and nutmeg and a good kick of fresh and ground ginger. It is so morish and is the one cake I cannot resist eating the leftovers of. Drizzled with salted caramel while still warm to soak that good stuff right up I enjoy this one with my special house made hazelnut butter swiss meringue buttercream and a generous sprinkling of hazelnut and gingernut crumb

Pistachio financier

With the subtle flavour of pistachio perfectly married with vanilla and almond the unique cooking method of this delicate cake gives it a wonderfully light crumb to match the flavour. Pair it with a browned butter Swiss meringue to enhance the subtle caramel and nutty flavours or homemade raspberry preserves for something bright.

Bueno cake

Chocolate mud cake layered with homemade ‘Kinder Bueno’ sauce and wafer flakes and creamy vanilla bean Swiss meringue buttercream. For the ultimate in nostalgic eating!

Brown butter cake with maple glazed pecans

The perfect combination of rich crumb and sweet crunch. Packed with the naturally nutty caramel flavour of brown butter and loaded with maple glazed pecans lightly sprinkled with sea salt this combination is just divine. I love this one paired with dark chocolate ganache or doused with espresso syrup and finished with white chocolate swiss meringue buttercream.

Strawberries and cream

A light and delicate vanilla cake filled with real strawberry pieces, layered with strawberry coulis and white chocolate Swiss meringue buttercream filling it is a sweet sunshiney flavour combination.

Bounty cake

My signature Chocolate Devils Food Cake paired with a creamy and textural toasted coconut paste filling and milk chocolate ganache a perfect sweet treat. 


Say no more.
Ok a little more.
Your choice of the chocolates- white Lindt chocolate, white chocolate and raspberries, Lindt milk chocolate, dark chocolate, or ‘caramilk’


From $15 per filling

Raspberry preserves
Strawberry preserves
Lime jam *seasonal
Ganache milk/white/dark/caramel macadamia/pecan or hazelnut crumb
White chocolate cheesecake
Lemon curd
Coconut ‘bounty’ filling
Bueno sauce
Salted caramel sauce

icing flavours

Swiss meringue buttercream
Traditional buttercream
Cream cheese
Swiss meringue
Chocolate buttercream